Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting To Know Ink Cartridges

When purchasing ink cartridges, it is important to know something about them. There are many different brands, and compatible brands (which typically are not as good as the original) and having information will ensure that you purchase the right brand of ink cartridge. It is also important to know where to purchase the ink cartridges, as there are many wholesale outlets on the net, which offer an outstanding savings to the consumer.

To start, there are different kinds of cartridges, just as there are many different companies. Obviously, dealing with a wholesale ink cartridge company is the first choice, as it is cheaper for the consumer. The purchase of wholesale ink cartridges does not necessarily have to be in bulk. You can find a wholesale toner cartridge company that supplies single orders.

The function of each is the same, it is important to know what type of cartridge you need for your printer, fax or all-in-one machine.

OEM ink cartridges are cartridges that are manufactured by the company in which the consumer's
printer, all-in-one or fax machine is made by. Simply put, if your machine is a Sony than the OEM ink cartridge would be a Sony original equipment manufacturer.

Compatible ink cartridges are also available for most printers, all-in-ones, and fax machines. What the compatible ink cartridges are, are cartridges that are not manufactured by the make of the machine, but someone else. These cartridges are sold being advertised as compatible for specific types of machines.

Recycled ink cartridges. Recycled ink cartridges are cartridges that are manufactured by companies that make the cartridge from recycled cartridges.

Refilled ink cartridges are not sold in the computer stores or online and are actually kits that the
consumer purchases and fills their cartridge that they currently have with ink.

There are many different brands of ink cartridges. It is important that you realize the pros and cons of purchasing a compatible brand. The big companies are known for their quality. Often times when you purchase a generic brand, or refill your ink cartridges, the quality is not as outstanding. The cartridges are typically cheaper in cost, however, this does not say that they will be as good as the original ink cartridges.

The generic ink cartridges also use generic ink tints and colors, which does not provide with the vivid, outstanding colors of the original ink cartridge. There is also the risk that they may not properly fit your machine and damage result.

Ink cartridges are sold both in land stores and on the Internet. The difference between the two is not quality, but cost. The Internet is a much greater source when it comes to discount on merchandise. There is no overhead, and these stores are able to offer the consumer a discount.

When purchasing ink cartridges, they can be purchased in a variety of ways. The cartridge can be
purchased individually (which typically is more expensive) or they can be purchased in a multi-pack that includes not only the black ink cartridge but also three separate colors which include magenta, cyan, and yellow.

The bottom line boils down to preference, and cost. A wholesale ink cartridge company will definitely provide the best cost. If the consumer is more concerned with saving money and not quality and the life of the product, then they may opt for a generic ink cartridge or to refill the existing ink cartridge. If they are concerned with quality, then they definitely will want to stick with the brand of their machine, and purchase through a wholesale toner cartridge company.

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